Mr. Santorum,If…

Mr. Santorum,

If you’re serious about becoming the leader of the United States (and quite possibly the world), please learn to take some responsibility for something sometime.

In January you made a comment about welfare being a handout to black people. Later when facing criticism over those remarks you try to cover it up by claiming you misspoke and the tape wasn’t clear… Yeah, no one is buying your bluff; it was quite clear. And if you really misspoke and wanted to be clear you would have corrected yourself in the moment.

Now recently your biggest monetary supporter makes a very sexist remark; one that even the reporter who is interviewing him finds quite offensive (though seriously she should have called him out for his sexism on the spot). Rick, whether you like it or not you are automatically associated with these comments. Friess is all but financing your presidential bid, so his stance is thought to be synonymous  with yours. If you don’t want to be associated with his comment you have to take responsibility for your own stance and speak up against his remark. You can’t just laugh it off and expect it to disappear; the only way to undo the damage is to directly rebuke what was said.


To anyone who seeks to lead in places of influence and power: please learn to take responsibility. Admit when you or those who you are in collaboration with are in the wrong and work to correct the harm and insult that has been committed.

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